The Strong House

Following a devastating family fire,
Henry Strong constructed a sturdy
native stone house for his family in
1867. He was a master mason and
used stone taken from his own
quarry on the hillside west of the

His granddaughter, Mabel Baxter
Hoerner of "Grandma Hoerner"
fame, was born and raised here.
Mabel Baxter Hoerner
The Strong Inn
Home of Manhattan
Early Settlers,
Henry & Elenora Strong

The Strong Inn offers guests the
comforts home with the rustic charm of
days gone by. You'll love the feel of
being back at Grandma's house, while
still enjoying modern amenities. This
charming native stone house is located
on Beck Street in Manhattan, KS and
can be rented per night or weekly.
Step Back in Time When Life was Simpler

At the Strong Inn you'll notice hallmarks of the past
like rustic hardwood floors, a cozy staircase and
period furniture and decor.

Relax and rejuvenate at the Strong Inn and enjoy
all that Kansas hospitality has to offer! Use the
menu at right to view the accommodations, check
availability and make your reservation.

Thank you!    Rachelle Routh, Owner
"Besides growing the
usual farm crops, Mr.
Strong had what was
considered the finest
apple orchard in the
state and also operated
the town's first dairy."
- The Manhattan Mercury,
July 15, 1954
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"Choose ye this day whom ye
will serve..as for me and my
house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:!5
The Strong Inn a Kansas Bed & Breakfast